Each week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration writes an Enforcement Report that lists recalls and enforcement actions that range from food like spinach and popcorn, to over the counter drugs like lotions or ibuprofen, and even medical devices and biologics like red blood cells and plasma.
The problem is that many of these recalls don’t make it to press releases or a wider public announcement; a lot of that has to do with the classification of recalls and how the FDA operates under current regulations, and some hast to do with how firms issue recalls. Another problem is that some recalls take weeks, months, or even years to make it to an Enforcement Report. The FDA says that the time it takes to announce a recall on an Enforcement Report depends on √ā¬†administrative workload and their “processing cycle.”
The short story? It’s complicated. The good news? You’ve got us.
We’ll update this spreadsheet weekly so you can have an easy way to see what products have been recalled that you won’t find out about through the 5 O’clock news or an email subscription. To search for a recall in this document, try using the CTRL+F or Command+F keyboard combo and type in what you’re looking for. Still can’t find it? Shoot us an email.


The listed recalls represent recalls which appear in the FDA’s Enforcement Reports but not in their recall database or on the federal government’s recalls.gov page. Further, this list does not include biologics or medical devices.


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