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If you cover product recalls, consumer or product safety, parenting, web 3.0, technology, crowdsourcing, consumer behavior, social media, social good, or brand reputation – give us a call. We’d love to chat. And we’ll do it under deadline.

Unlike traditional methods like mailing paper notifications, ConsumerBell offers a way to manage product quality online while making for an easier and seamless recall process.

HOW: With high media presence and built-out channels of traffic, our reach is across several platforms, primarily those with high consumer interest – mom bloggers, parenting resources, parents, teachers, PR firms and recall insurance companies.

WHY: Every year, 46 billion dollars are spent on direct recalls costs. Two billion each year is spent on mailing paper letters alone – with a conversion rate of just .05. In-direct costs are expected to grow to 20 billion or more. As social media and advertisement grow, so does the risk of exposure and the need to connect with consumers faster – before attorneys do.

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At the core of ConsumerBell is a team of inspired and dedicated consumers and parents.
We’re making it easier for you to get the information you need.
Ellie Cachette Chief Executive Officer
Wing Lian Chief Technical Officer
Stephanie Haller Chief Creative Officer
Derek Lactaoen Social Media Coordinator
Andrea Querijero Director of Business Development
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