This year its with great pleasure that our CEO and founder Ellie Cachette received recognition from her alumnus Humboldt State University for being “Distinguished Alumi” (For more backstory on the mission behind Humboldt State and ConsumerBell read here). Several ConsumerBell employees have come from Humboldt State and the synergies between doing well while doing good are almost exact so the award has been important on several levels.


Each year Humboldt State selects the top alumni for recognition of their professional and humanitarian efforts. Ellie who briefly worked at Fisher Investments the year that Ken Fisher received the award (in 2007) and remembers brightly the importance of the award, “Ken taught me that your dreams can be big wherever you go.” Only a few years later Ellie would receive the same award in 2013, “What an honor… and a surprise!”

While on campus for the award,  Ellie shared her thoughts with radio station KHSU around entrepreneurship and gave a guest lecture to the Political Science department and its students. Her presentation, “My Experience: Humboldt State Distinguished Alumni Ellie Cachette” has been positively received and shared; even trending on Facebook and Slideshare.

On Humboldt’s watchlist for sometime, Ellie has made is priority since graduating in 2006 with a degree in Political Science to further improve public health and do the right thing for the communities alike.

Official Statement from Humboldt State:

Ellie Cachette (’06, Political Science) is the first recipient of Humboldt State University’s Recent Distinguished Alumni Award. A Bay Area native, Cachette is founder and chief executive officer of ConsumerBell, a San Francisco-based company that helps businesses and customers track and manage product recalls online…Cachette is a strong advocate of Women 2.0, a Silicon Valley organization dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs. She has also been recognized by the California State Senate as an “Outstanding Educator” in AIDS and public health and is an active supporter in the campaign to cure AIDS…


To keep an eye on Ellie and her latest happenings you can follow her on Twitter (@ecachette) or Slideshare (

Blast from the past– Ellie featured in Humboldt State’s Magazine back in 2010: