After weeks of onboarding and exciting meetings, ConsumerBell is pleased to announce its newest partner to the team, Colt Stander. Colt comes from a design background, originally focused and studying industrial design ( Purdue 2007 ), then later business school (Harvard Business School ‘2011). Previous to ConsumerBell, Colt worked at Abbott Diabetes Care in Strategic Marketing and Innovation helping build and launch new business models.

San Francisco 

Based in San Francisco, CA – Colt is another addition to the ConsumerBell west coast team. His role is directly under CEO Ellie Cachette, running operations and scaling for the company in collaboration with Eileen Silva, ConsumerBell’s Chief Financial Officer and Controller, “We’re happy to have someone with Colt’s background across design, medical devices, and business. He’s a great fit culturally and his experience perfect for our timing as a company.”

The Future

Besides operations, Colt’s role is to oversee business development and product buildout, “We have several integrations and rollouts on the map that get me really excited.  I’m looking forward to leading some of these initiatives.”

Want Colt?

A sock enthusiast, Colt spends his time exploring the funky parts of San Francisco.

For more information or to reach out to Colt, you can email him at colt (at) consumerbell (dot) com or follow him on Twitter @coltstander.