Want the benefits of renting or leasing a car but without having to commit for many years? It is possible and it can be cheaper than you think!

Traditional car rental lasts from just a day or two to a few weeks and is normally the sort of option people use when they are on holiday or need a car for a very short period of time. On the other hand, traditional car leasing often ranges from terms of two to four years and therefore requires more commitment and is seen as a great way to drive a car for a longer period of time with a smaller outlay.

Short term contract hire is the area that fills the void between rentals and leases and accepts terms shorter than normally associated with leasing but longer and more cost effective than you would normally associate with standard car rental.

Short term contract hire works roughly the same as a normal car lease but, as the name suggests, allows you to commit to much shorter periods of time. This is great if you like to regularly update your vehicles or if you simply need to fill a gap of non-car ownership quickly and easily without the high costs and very short term nature of standard car rental.

Acquiring short term contract hire will involve deciding how long it is that you actually need a car and then finding the best deal. Be aware that, in general, the longer you commit to, the better the price will be but you will sometimes also be able to find some special deals that may buck this trend. This is because short term contract hire is often used to quickly fill up quotas towards the end of a target period or is used to quickly offload existing stock that a company is holding. This means that you can effectively exploit this to get some fantastic deals which can see you driving a brand new car at a fraction of the price that you would buy it for and at a much more competitive rate than it would cost to hire from a standard car rental company.

The stages to short term contract hire are simple:

  1. Decide how long you need to keep your new car for
  2. Find the best car and deal for you and your budget
  3. Apply for finance
  4. Pay your initial payment and fees
  5. Pay your monthly payments each month of the term
  6. Hand your car back at the end of the term

So, if you are looking for the benefits of short term contract hire, get searching the deals now and you could be driving a new car before you know it!

Author Bio:

Vincent Hill is the Marketing Executive at Firstvehicleleasing.co.uk. First Vehicle Leasing provides best short term contract hire to all over the United Kingdom.