ConsumerBell Launches Recall Monitoring for eCommerce Clients

After several months of private beta, ConsumerBell is proud to announce Recall Monitoring to all ecommerce retail clients, whether shipping monthly sample boxes or eco-friendly food items, The new program includes ways to get instant alerts of recalls, risk reports, and most importantly, support in the case of a recalled good being shipped out or in online inventory. “We’ve known from the start there are several gaps within the recall information process, of several products coming out in the next year, Recall Monitoring was released first after success with clients,” ConsumerBell CEO, Ellie Cachette announced “Our core belief is ‘Making Safety Easier’ and this is just one tool of many to help protect consumers before they interact with products.”

One of the first beta clients was Ecomom, who ships several thousand items out each week and donates a portion of its goods to feeding the hungry. Ecomom, known for selling high quality products for families has found the Recall Monitoring service not only valuable, but also part of their brand, “We like the added layer of security, even after a customer makes a purchase with us. We’re thrilled to be working with ConsumerBell, their service is top notch.” Co-founder Emily Blakeney commented.


Keeping Recalled Goods Out of the Hands of Consumers

Scanning and catching any risky items in inventory is not only a fast way to lower brand risk for a retailer, but also provides comfort for manufacturers. As often, distributors have many layers of information to manage when getting products out the door, “Manufacturers are also in a hard spot,” Cachette elaborated, “They want to notify everyone selling their goods but sometimes it can take a while to figure out who those locations or retailers are, which is why we also offer e-notifications for manufacturers. We have two products but really both of our products are just pieces to a larger puzzle we are solving.”

eCommerce: Recall Monitoring

Now open to retailers and ecommerce sites, ConsumerBell monitors the products being sold to ensure they have not been recalled or are at “high risk.” Over 4,000 recalls will affect North America in a given year, with the volume of products increasing in parallel with social media growth, one recall is all it could take to put a small ecommerce client out of business. “We like that even though we are a start-up that ships out thousands of curated boxes a month, it gives us important confidence to have on-call recall experts looking out for us,” Sebastian Reichelt, COO of commented. “That way I can focus on building my business instead of my own recall solution. I’m happy that this is the one, and very important thing we can trust to someone on the outside who specializes in recalls all day.”

While the beta Recall Monitoring program has been in affect for months, its public availability has come with upfront pricing for early signups. Cachette explains the reasoning behind clear pricing, “So often in the recall space pricing is a mystery filled with urgency fees, hidden fees and secrecy. We offer the same transparency and reporting to all our clients which also helps them for better planning. We also have a start-up program that companies can use and grow into. Our number one priority is to keep people safe by any means.”

Manufacturers: eNotifications

On the manufacturing side, ConsumerBell also offers online alerts and notifications to handle product recalls digitally. With newer technologies and the expense of shipping and mailing costs increasing it makes sense to include e-notifications as part of the solution for manufacturers, “We see the technology gaps and fill them it’s as simple as that.” ConsumerBell in-house recall expert Andrew Rush said, “I’ve been there defending insurance policies and companies want to do the right thing. Technology is just another, more efficient way of mitigating risk.”

A quick and simple Guide to e-Notifications, Slideshare (ConsumerBell 2012)

Traditional paper letters can also be used as a supplement for those customers who prefer them or need to during phasing into an online solution.  Whether a manufacturer, organic food producer, or monthly subscription service fall 2012 is only the beginning of solutions to be rolled out of the ConsumerBell portfolio,

“We make sure companies and consumers are as protected as quickly as possible. That’s our mission- has always been our mission and will continue to be our mission moving forward.” Ellie Cachette boasts,


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