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Courtesy flickr user @lynnfriedman

Everyone wants to look their best and for women, as well as some men, cosmetics is a way of

enhancing your best features. With the popularity cosmetics growing each and every year, the industry
sells more than $8 billion a year. However, the consumer protection agencies are warning people about
the harmful products in cosmetics.

The government does not know the long-term impact on a person’s health when using certain cosmetics
with these harmful products as part of the ingredients. It is not only be recognized in the United States,
but Europe has done a thorough study of what chemicals can do damage to a person’s skin or overall

1) Mineral Oil

Several different lotions, lipsticks and makeup removers contain mineral oil. Since it is petroleum
based, your skin has a hard time absorbing the cosmetics that have this as an ingredient. That is right,
petroleum based, like the oil you use in your automobile.

The mineral oil can get into your pores and clog them, preventing them from sweating or cause skin
irritation, as well as inflame the skin or, worse, cause an infection of the skin.

2) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

A lot of dental care products, body cleansers, shampoos and facials products contain Sodium Lauryl
Sulfate. This chemical gets absorbed by the skin quickly, infiltrating your blood system creating a
host of internal problems. It has been discovered that this cosmetic ingredient can affect your lungs,
heart and, even, your brain. Severe damage to any one of your organs is increased if you are using any
cosmetics with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as an ingredient.

3) Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol is another chemical used by many cosmetics manufacturers. Primarily a solvent
solution and is being advertised by many cosmetics companies. However, this chemical can slowly peel
away the top layer of your skin because it is a natural acid. Because the your skin begins to peel away
quicker, you can incur a bacterial infection or inflammation of the skin easily. The worst part is that the
chemical will cause the skin to age quicker, or look like it is aging quicker.

4) Polyethylene Glycol

This chemical is used the the cosmetic manufacturers to thicken their products. However, when placed
on your skin it will prevent the natural oils of your skin from developing, or, at the very least, limit the
production of these natural oils. Because the natural oils of your skin keep you looking younger, your
skin will prematurely age when you use cosmetics with this ingredient.

There are so many more chemicals being used in cosmetics that it is too long to list them in one article.
According to the EU, 500 different chemicals are used in the production of beauty products and 300
of those chemicals can be considered a harmful product in cosmetics. You must read the labels very

carefully when purchasing cosmetics to ensure that none of these products are used in the ingredients.
If you know of any other common chemicals used by cosmetic companies, you can list them here, so
everyone will know what to look out for.

Dr. Eric Cornelison has been a consumer advocate since college. Dr. Cornelison also
promotes safe driving for all licensed adults and teenagers. You can see more of his articles at or check out more of his health and fitness article on the Internet.