children's pajama recalls, rigo kids' pajamas recall, gabiano collection pajama recall, pajamagram pajama recallImporters and manufacturers announced three different children’s pajama recalls because the clothing fails to meet federal anti-flammability standards. 
Ishtex Textile Products is recalling the Gabiano Collection of boys and girls pajamas, sets, and gowns. Their recall affects 6,000 units that fail to meet federal anti-flammability standards.
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Boys and girls pull-on pants and boxers are recalled by Rigo International, also for anti-flammability issues. Their recall affects 210,000 units sold nationwide from January 2010 through March 2011.
Rigo is aware of one incident of their pajamas catching fire, causing severe burns to 9-year-old boy’s legs.
See the complete details for Rigo Internationals’ recall in our marketplace.
Lastly, children’s pajamas by PajamaGram are recalled. About 12,000 onesie / footie pajamas and pajama sets are affected.
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