frigidaire range top recall, recalls this week, light fixture recalls, recliner chair recallsThere were a lot of recalls this week, particularly in household good. For this week’s Recall Roundup, we’ve got all the recalls that you’ll find related to your home and we’ve got resources for getting them taken care of.
  1. Recliner chairs are being recalled by Tone World International are being recalled because the paint on the legs of the chairs have excessive levels of lead.
  2. Flushmate pressure-assist flushing systems are being recalled by Flushmate because the product can burst, which can lift the tank lid or shatter the tank. The company is aware of 304 incidents, including 14 injuries. The recall affects more than 2.3 million units.
  3. Thomas Lighting is recalling 28 models of ceiling flush-mount lights that could have exposed charged wires, which pose an electrocution hazard.
  4. Outdoor wall mount lights by Bel Air lighting are being recalled because of an electrical short that can occur inside the light, posing a fire hazard.
  5. Frigidaire is recalling a model of self-cleaning gas ranges that can have delayed ignitions, which pose a fire hazard.
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