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The picture shows the inactive pills in row 13, when they should be in row nine.

Sandoz announced a recall of its Introvale oral contraceptive after a consumer reported that the inactive tablets were placed in the incorrect row of the packaging.
Sandoz’s press release states that the inactive “placebo” pills should be in row nine of the package; instead, they are in row 13, which could put a woman at risk of an unintended pregnancy.
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The birth control was distributed nationwide from January, 2011, through last month.
Lot codes affected are:
  • LF00478C
  • LF00479C
  • LF00551C
  • LF00552C
  • LF00687C
  • LF00688C
  • LF00763C
  • LF00764C
  • LF00765C
  • LF01261C
Women who own this product in the affected lot codes should immediately start using a non-hormonal form of contraception as well as contact their healthcare provider and Sandoz.
See complete recall details in our marketplace, including contact information for Sandoz and their instructions.


(Photo via Pharmapolis)