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Michele Spahr, The Safety Freak, is our newest #SafetyTeam affiliate!

If you know Michele Spahr, chances are you know her by one of her two different personas:
One is the Safe Start Baby Mom, who is diligent, polite, and politically correct. The Safety Freak is the alter ego: the inner, unfiltered voice. Regardless, of which persona you deal with, you know that you’re getting safety advice that’s worth listening to.
That’s why ConsumerBell is pumped and proud to introduce you to Michele Spahr, the newest addition to our #SafetyTeam and our child safety affiliate.
Michele Spahr is the founder of Safe Start Baby, a child proofing company in the DC Metro Area, where Michele lives with her family. Michele is a professionally trained child proofer, a Member of the International Association for Child Safety, a CPR & First Aid Instructor and Red Cross Authorized Provider, a national trainer for professional child proofers/babyproofers and also an eco-consultant. Woah!
She founded the company in 2003 after going through the experience of having three kids under the age of 4 at one time (She now has four kids ages 4 to 17).
“Recognizing that there was a growing need for professional services to help parents identify, prevent, and respond to household accidents, I founded Safe Start Baby,” she says.

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