Our friends at Ecomom are pretty amazing. There’s no doubt about that. But we have to admit, we were pleasantly surprised and excited to hear that Ecomom is starting its “It’s All Good” giving campaign.
Over 16 million children liveecomom starts food donation campaign, ecomom its all good giving program campaign, david arquette and ecomom start campaign, ecomom donates meals for every product you buy in food insecure households and one in five American children will receive emergency food assistance this year. To help those numbers, Ecomom announced that for every item you purchase in their store, they’ll donate a day’s worth of meals (i.e. three meals) to a child who might go without food otherwise.
One of the best parts? This isn’t cafeteria, GMO-laden food. It’s the exact same organic food sold at Ecomom. Shazam!
Their goal is to feed 100,000 hungry children this year. And we couldn’t be more supportive of this mission.
Want to help out? Head over to Ecomom and buy something. Anything. Buy it for yourself, for your kids, for a friend, for a neighbor. Buy things, help kids. That’s a situation I like.
Feed kids by shopping at Ecomom.com.
What do you think of the “It’s All Good” Giving Campaign? Let us know in the comments.