Jensen Farms, the cantaloupe grower responsible for last year’s Listeria outbreak, filed for bankruptcy.

jensen farms files bankruptcy, cantaloupe farm files bankruptcy, outbreak lawsuits prompt farm to file bankruptcy, jensen farms cantaloupe outbreak updateThe bankruptcy, filed on May 25, should free up millions of dollars that the company can use to pay victims and their families whose wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits are piling up for Jensen Farms.
“We’re hopeful the bankruptcy process is a mechanism to help get them paid, as quickly as we can distribute it to victims,” said Jim Markus to the Denver Post. Markus is the bankruptcy attorney for Jensen Farms.
The outbreak, which lasted from September to December last year, sickened more than 140 and killed more than 30, making it the one of the country’s largest foodborne illness outbreaks.
You can find the bankruptcy filings here, via our buddies at Food Safety News.


(Photos by News21-usa)