Dogs have been in the news a lot recently, either for dog food recalls or for sad news about injuries from dog bites.
At ConsumerBell, we love puppies. Who couldn’t love this face?
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That’s why for this week’s #TuesdayTips, we’re giving you five ways that you and your kids can have safe fun with your dog, or even a neighbor’s dog.
  1. Always ask permission to pet new dogs, and teach your kids to do the same.
  2. Dogs that are sleeping, nursing, or eating should be approached with caution. Their instincts tell them to be on alert during these times.
  3. Teach kids to play gently with dogs. Tug-of-war is fun, but it can escalate quickly with unfamiliar dogs.
  4. Some dogs don’t always like to be cuddled or picked up. Kids should know to let dogs have time to go off on their own on occasion.
  5. Kids ages 5-9 are most likely to be involved in injuries with dogs, so it’s important to teach kids not to be afraid of dogs, but to also be respectful of them and know how to approach and play appropriately.
Do you have any other tips for playing with dogs? Add on to our list in the comments.

(Photos via PeopleKissingAnimals and weheartit)