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“If you found your way to this blog you are probably one of two types of people: You are either a fellow safety freak (whoop whoop), or a fellow imperfect parent (whoop whoop).”
So begins “The Safety Freak,” a new blog launched by our friend Michele Spahr of Safe Start Baby.
With the aim of increasing awareness of child safety for parents of all types, we love this new safety resource. You know we dig all kinds of safety stuff and we can’t wait to see what kind of freaky fun comes out of The Safety Freak.
“I’m not an alarmist,” writes Michele, “I’m a realist; however I believe in no-excuse parenting. So I will provide you the information you need to hear, but it may not always be what you want to hear.”
Boom! And that’s why we can’t wait for the next post of this new blog.
Are you down with safety? Check out Michele’s blog over at The Safety Freak.
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