If Marie Roker-Jones seems smart, driven, passionate, humorous, and down to earth, it’s because she’s exactly all of those things.

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In a coffee shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, we caught up with Marie. She’s juggling time between her two kids, her work, blogging, a husband in the armed forces who’s leave is just about over and spending some time with ConsumerBell.
God love her.
Marie runs her site Raising Great Men where, as you might guess, she discusses “Real Talk” about parenting two boys of very different age groups. We’ve been friends with Marie for a while, so we took the opportunity sit down with her and really get to know her and her mission.
“What really lead me to the blog was that I didn’t see anybody talking about parenting boys,” recalls Marie. “I saw different blogs about parenting or raising children, but nothing about what do you need to do about helping your sons; about raising happy, healthy men.”
With a teenager and a toddler, Marie covers it all. Right now, hot topics in the moms-of-boys community include bullying and sexuality:
“They’re things that people are thinking about, but not talking about,” says Marie.
In addition to writing, Marie hosts a weekly radio broadcast with guests from a variety of backgrounds to talk about manners, values, and even having the-birds-and-the-bees discussion.
“What I wanted to address was looking at all men: all boys, not just ‘I’m raising this type of boy…’ so I took the discussion online,” says Marie.
We love having Marie on the #SafetyTeam. She’s a great friend, a great safety advocate, and a talented writer with a mission we’re happy to support.
Show her some love. Visit Raising Great Men and let her know what you think of her work.