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The following is a guest post by Jacob Klein. Jacob works with a personal injury law firm located in Atlanta. He lives just outside the city with his wife Lili and their Shiba Inu, Henry. He also writes at his HBO fan site: HBO Watch. Thanks for Making Safety Easier, Jacob.
Whether we hear about them on the news or not, big and small product recalls alike happen every day. Not knowing about recalls can endanger our own health and those of people we love, and yet keeping ourselves aware can seem like a full
time job.
So, how can you easily monitor recalls, and what steps should you take once you know? Here is a six step guide.
1. Monitor the Sites That Know
For the most up to date resource information, be sure to follow this blog as well as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This site lists in-depth information about all recalls, including detailed product specifications, where and when the product was sold, and what next steps you should take. The consumer government database is also a helpful resource. You can also check the site for updates or sign up for a ConsumerBell recall newsletter.
2. Check Your Products
If you’ve spotted a recall for electronics, furniture, building supplies, or any product with a serial number, now is the time to check it. Serial numbers tend to run 8 – 11 digits long and are most often located somewhere out of sight or on tags, so you might have to do a little digging.
Another important piece of information to take from the recall announcement is the date and place where the product was manufactured and sold. Even if your model number matches that of the recall, you don’t need to take action if it doesn’t match these dates and locations.
For second-hand products, enter the serial and/or model number and any other information you might know into this database at the CSPC to check for previous recalls. You can also use ConsumerBell’s marketplace.

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