It was a summer day when I was about four years old when I heard my sister’s screams.
I had wandered into the backyard and was probably playing with my dinosaur toys when the sound of something bad happening echoed from the laundry room.
how to keep your kids out of the laundry room, laundry room safety, kids falling in the washing machine, tips for washing machine safety By the time I could put my T-Rex and Brontosaurus toys down and run inside, my mom was fishing my sister out of the washing machine.
My sister, at the time probably 2 years old, reached for her favorite blanket sitting temptingly in the washing machine and had toppled into it. Thankfully the washing machine wasn’t on, nor did it have any water in it, but her accident highlights a growing concern for parents: Laundry Room Safety.
For this week’s #TuesdayTips, we’re bringing you 4 tips for laundry room safety:
  1. Child Resistant Locks: Some washing machines now come with safety locks that prevent children from opening them while the machine is in use. If it’s time to buy a new washer, consider looking for one that comes with this feature.
  2. Door Knob Locks: For very young children, door knob locks could be a good investment to keep kids out of the laundry room.
  3. Supervise: When it’s time to clean the house, you’re in the zone. Focused. On a mission. If you need to dedicate some time to clean without having to keep the kids in tow or supervised, consider setting up a playdate for them or take turns with your spouse or partner watching the kids and cleaning.
  4. Education: If your kids are of an appropriate age, talk to them about the dangers of the laundry room. Make it clear that the washer and dryer aren’t toys and that there are zones that are off limits for them.
What tips do you have for safety in the laundry room? Let us know in the comments.


(Photos via charissebxrp on Pinterest and by somegeekintin)