kimberly conover multiple sclerosis, ms kimberly conover, download recalls widget, site with recall newsWhen we say that Kimberly is awesome, we mean she is AWESOME!
Kimberly is the blog owner and writer at Saving More Than Me. We came across her post on finding out about product recalls online, and immediately started chatting.
It turns out that Kimberly is “all about safety,” just like us. In fact, so much so, that she downloaded a Making Safety Easier recalls widget and put it on her site.
You can see it on her Recent Recalls page.

We’re so grateful that Kimberly is helping her readers and other bloggers connect to important news about recalls.
Thanks Kimberly!
Do you want to install the Making Safety Easier widget for your readers, too? Nice! Just follow these quick instructions.
Let us know when you do and we’ll give you the big bear hug and let everyone know how awesome you are. Shoutout!!!
Visit Kimberly’s blog Saving More Than Me and let her know how great it is that she’s down with the #SafetyTeam.