Today is International Women’s Day, and just when I was about to go celebrate all the ladies and moms in my life, it looks like I’ll need to show my dad some love, too.

Parenting and Edelman released a study this morning that says that 82 percent of men who had a child in the past two years feel there is a societal bias against dads.

“As today’s generation of dads takes on more responsibilities, the more attuned they are to misconceptions about their role by society at large,” said Shawn Bean in the study; Bean is the executive editor of Parenting magazine and father of two.

66 percent of fathers, no matter the age of their children, felt this societal bias existed. Guys do have International Men’s Day on Nov. 19; though we’re going to try to avoid feminist theory on this one, though feel free to sound off in the comments on your thoughts on the issue.

study on millenial dads, study on today's fathers, fathers feel bias against them, dads feel unappreciatedThe study also noted that fathers today assume more household tasks including cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping.

  • 22 percent of dads say they do all the cooking.
  • 26 percent of dads say they do all the grocery shopping.
  • Millenial dads are more likely to buy locally-grown food than millenial moms, even if it costs more.
  • Around 70 percent of dads today take part in grocery shopping, cooking, childcare, and cleaning, whereas their own fathers participated in those activities at a rate of 10-30 percent.
  • 60 percent of dads with kids 13 and older feel that they are teammates with their partners; “But one in four first-time dads feel that their partner is the coach, and dad is just the waterboy – he does a lot of the grunt work, but she still calls the shots,” said the study.

“Dads’ role and voice needs to be taken seriously. Long gone are the days when dad’s primary responsibility was financial security and disciplining their children,” said Missy Maher, Edelman’s Director of Mom Foresight.

The study provides great insight into dad’s increased role in household activities, especially buying power and the role they play, and could play, in dealing with recalled products on behalf of a household.

But today is International Women’s Day and for the ladies in our lives today with kids, we’re giving a shoutout to you and the 100 percent role you play in cooking, leaning, shopping, and childcare.

What do you think? Are the fathers in your life taking a larger role around the family and home life? Can society do a better job of understanding and appreciating the work that fathers do? Sound off in the comments.

View the study below:

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