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This Honda grass trimmer was recalled. See our Marketplace for details.

It’s the first week of March and if you’re like me, you’re thinking that springtime can’t come soon enough. Winter was fun, but these off-and-on bouts of sunshine aren’t cutting it; I need Vitamin D!

The only thing that I could give up about the spring season is the yard work. It’s tough coming back to an unkempt tangle of grass and shrubs in the backyard. So for this week’s #TuesdayTips, join us in learning how to trim back the grass safely.

Before you do anything, make sure your grass trimmer isn’t involved in Honda’s recent recall. Then:

  1. Clear area of sticks, rocks, toys, and other objects that could be picked up and thrown by the trimmer.
  2. Wear protective gear including:
    • Safety glasses or goggles
    • Gloves
    • Long pants
    • Sturdy, close-toed shoes
  3. Always start and operate gas-powered trimmers outdoors.
  4. Keep the trimming head below waist-level.
  5. Add fuel to gas-powered trimmers when engine is cool. Wipe up gas spills with a rag.
  6. Shut off the trimmer and disconnect it (if electric-powered) when performing mechanical adjustments.
  7. Maintain the trimmer per manufacturer’s instructions and suggestions.

Follow these steps to keep your yard looking amazing and keeping yourself safe from harm. The Consumer Product Safety Commission documented 11,000 reports of hospital treatments for injuries stemming from grass trimmer accidents in 2006. Don’t be one of those this year.

Check to see if any of your landscaping tools have been recalled in our Marketplace.

What tips do you have for mowing or edging the lawn? Let us know in the comments.

(Via UCANR, Photo by sacks08)