When we spend our days attached to Facebook and Twitter through our mobile phones, it makes sense that we’d get a lot of news through those same channels. But when a recall happens- only rarely do companies speak up to announce them through social media.

Last summer, we brought you inside STIHL’s recall of 2.3 million power tools, and now we want to show you how STIHL is using social media to alert its customers about recalls and why it’s important for the company.stihl recall chainsaws, stihl chainsaw recall, stihl uses social media, chain saws recalled by stihl

“As you know, people who use a specific social media area tend to use that outlet as their primary source of information. They appreciate itwhen we get information to them in the way they prefer,” said Roger Phelps, Promotional Communications Manager for STIHL.

STIHL most recently recalled 3,000 chainsaws for problems with the flywheel. That announcement came through the Consumer Product Safety Commission on Valentine’s Day. On the same day, STIHL Tweeted and posted a Facebook message about the recall.

“While our registration records help us send direct communications, using means like Twitter help us get immediate awareness and spreads the word quickly,” said Phelps. “I can tell you that we believe that including social media in the recall communication effort is essential.”

Social media and new media help companies and consumers communicate information instantly and to a large audience; more and more we see companies utilizing a social media strategy to get important news out to customers and to manage brand image.

We told you about B. Toys and their use of social media during recalls, and STIHL joins them as one of a few companies to use this strategy. While it has to be done in a planned way, of course, social media can help companies to communicate news and to show their eagerness to protect customers.

stihl recall chainsaws, stihl chainsaw recall, stihl uses social media, chain saws recalled by stihl

Although STIHL’s social media efforts are focused on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, Phelps expects that the company will expand to other platforms as their engagement matures.

“For a company that is based on relationships, we are family owned and sell only through independent servicing dealers, being able to have direct communications with our fans, talking to them and hearing from them, has been a very positive development,” said Phelps.

What do you think about STIHL and other companies using social media during recalls? Let us know in the comments.

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