As a parent, you know what it’s like trying to make a sick kid feel better. It’s undoubtedly rough for your child, and for you, it’s rough knowing your child doesn’t feel well.

For this week’s #TuesdayTips, we’ve got pointers on how to help your kids take medicine when they don’t feel well, especially when they don’t like the taste of liquid cough syrup. I mean, who does, really?

  1. tips for sick kids, get kids to take medicine, kids won't take medicine, cough syrup has bad tasteBe cheerful and patient. Your kids are smart, so use language they understand to explain what’s wrong and how the medicine will help.
  2. If taste is the issue, a Popsicle or cold drink can help numb the taste buds. You can also try pinching your child’s nose to block the taste and smell of the medicine.
  3. Give your child some control. Let them pinch their own nose or let them decide where to take the medicine. Some decision-making might help ease them into the idea of taking their medicine.
  4. Look for medicine alternatives. There are often different flavors of liquid medicines and there might even be chewable pills your child can take.
  5. If you mix the medicine with food like apple sauce or pudding, read the label carefully to make sure the medicine can be used this way as it could cut down on its effectiveness.

The video by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration came only several days before Johnson & Johnson recalled grape flavored Infants’ Tylenol.

What are your tips for helping a sick child recover? Do you have any go-to techniques for getting them to take medicine? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo by whiskeyandtears)