A year ago this week ConsumerBell moved from Silicon Valley to the big apple. Since then its been a packed year filled with exciting projects. We launched our corporate logins, free profile pages, and our publishing network MakingSafetyEasier.


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The press has been good to us too, taking note of our expertise and uniqueness:
[VIDEO] ABC-TV, 01/29/12, Up Close: Being Your Own Boss
[VIDEO] TheStreet, 12/29/11, Product Recalls: What Do You Have To Worry About Buying

Courtesy of NBC Bay Area

Ellie Cachette on Recall Trends in 2012

Ellie Cachette on WABC-TV on Recalls and NYC life


Fun in the Community

That also hasn’t stopped us from settling our roots here within the startup community. We were flattered to be part of the Only in the Alley project and featured in the following calendar.
Consumer Recall Safety - Ellie Only in the Alley
We also have done our part supporting the female entrepreneurship community and Women2.0, coordinating and participating in Founder Fridays and assisting with Pitch2.0. We love what we do at ConsumerBell and are always eager for a new challenge.

Do you love us? Like us? Make sure to connect with us online, or even meet up with a ConsumerBell team member. This week we have team members in San Francisco, Seattle, and Orlando. Want to connect? Shoot us a tweet @consumerbell
At the end of the day, no matter the city, we love product safety and we love hearing your thoughts.