Household goods took a hit this week in recall news, with products from the kitchen to the living room making the Recall Roundup.

Single-cup Tassimo coffee makers were recalled on Thursday, along with 4 million units of coffee ground canisters. The canisters by Kraft Foods, called T-discs, can clog while brewing and then spray hot water, coffee ground, or tea leaves on the user. The faulty disks have caused 140 incidents of hot water spray, 37 of which resulted in second-degree burns. The recall affects the United States and Canada. strollers recalled, recall news for this week, products recalled this week, coffee maker recall
Chandeliers imported by Spectrum Home Furnishings were recalled for having faulty mounting loops. The firm has received five reports of the chandeliers falling from the ceiling; thankfully, no injuries have been reported.

Also in the lighting department, Designs Direct recalled rooster lamps this week; the electrical cord at the base of the lamp can fray posing a shock hazard.
York International reannounced a recall from 2004 for furnaces that can pose fire hazards. The reannouncement comes after hundreds of incident reports after the original recall announcement. See the story here.

Several baby products were recalled this week: pajamas by Weeplay Kids were recalled because snaps on the garments can come off, posing a choke hazard.

Bumbleride recalled 128,000 strollers nationwide; the front wheel can crack posing a fall hazard. The company has received several reports of strollers tipping over. See our story for more details.

In food, mislabeled sandwich bars could pose allergy risks to consumers and are being recalled by Nest Collective. And dietary supplements with undeclared drugs are being recalled by Healthy People.

For a summary of the recent hard-cooked eggs recalls, visit our blog post for details on recalling firms and their products.

The following recalls happened with the FDA’s knowledge, but were not announced until this week in an Enforcement Report. These recalls did not appear in a press release. They don’t appear in our marketplace because the FDA does not provide contact information for the recalling firms, and, in some cases, does not believe a public announcement is necessary for consumer safety. If you have questions about these or any recalls, ask us on our Facebook Page.

  • 228, 360 lbs. of spinach were recalled by Tiro Tres Farms for E. coli contamination in Colorado, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and several Canadian provinces.
  • Guava sticks in Puerto Rico were recalled for undeclared allergens by Enhorabuena.
  • Fundraising popcorn in gallon-sized bags was recalled by Third Coast Popcorn because the packages do not have ingredient or allergy labels.
  • Egg nog that was not properly pasteurized was recalled in Oregon by Lady Lane Farm.
  • Chocolate Christmas sprinkles in New Jersey, Arizona and Washington D.C. were recalled by 2 Chicks With Chocolate for undeclared wheat and packaging errors.
  • Honey by Honeytree was recalled nationwide for containing too much sulfathiazole.
  • C & S Wholesale Grocers recalled Meche’s Fresh Husk Tomatillos in California for excessive levels of pesticide residue. C & S notified the FDA on Dec. 2, 2011.
  • Libido creams by Apotheca were recalled in Ohio for microbial contamination.

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