Last Friday, Women2.0 held their monthly Founder Friday to celebrate female entrepreneurs.  The NYC edition was hosted by Makovsky + Company to bring together like-minded organizations and individuals to support the female tech community. This month’s hosts include founders:

Amanda Steinberg, Founder & CEO – DailyWorth

Anu Duggal, Co-Founder – Exclusively.In

Joanne Lang, Founder & CEO – AboutOne

Kai Freeman , Co-Founder – House of Mikko


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MaryAlexa and Ellie at Founder Friday

Founder Friday is open to aspiring and current entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors and is free to those who attend.  The venue was filled with a whirlwind of positive energy from the very start and continued past the designated ending time.  This goes to show how many amazing people attended this event.

Please join us at next month’s event on March 2nd.

Photo credit: Stephanie Haller