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Coffee drinkers: Before brewing your morning cup, be sure you’re not affected by this coffee recall.

Tassimo coffee makers and the T-discs that contain coffee grounds were recalled today because of reports of hot water and coffee grounds spraying its users. There have been 140 reports of the brewers spraying hot liquid, 37 of which resulted in second-degree burns.

Bosch brand Tassimo brewers in several models are affected by the recall issued by BSH Home Appliances. Consumers should not use the brewer until BSH can send out new T-disc holders that will prevent hot liquid and grounds from spraying.

The problem identified in the recalls is a manufacturer issue, said a Tassimo statement. The discs can become clogged while brewing causing hot water, coffee grounds and/or tea leaves to spray onto the user when the brewer is opened.

The recall affects 835,000 brewers in the U.S. and an additional 900,000 in Canada. Kraft’s recall of T-discs affects 2.1 million in the U.S. and 1.9 million in Canada.

Visit our marketplace for details on the brewer recall as well as the T-disc recall.

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