Credits: Jeanne Noonan / New York Daily News
If you are a regular reader of ConsumerBell’s blog then you know our CEO Ellie Cachette never sleeps, “I’m just always excited, there is always something to build and do…” and that didn’t stop her from a recent feature in the New York Daily News:
Read the full article here, Golden ladies of NYC: Female entreprenuers find funding, community in New York  
Ellie has been busy lately ringing the Nasdaq bell, ranting about consumer fears, and balancing investor demands with customers needs. She was also recently listed as a 2011 Female Founder success by Women2.0.
We stopped a minute to ask Ellie what she thought about the NYC Startup scene and why now all the excitement about female founders.
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Credits: Jeanne Noonan / New York Daily News

Why do you think the New York Daily was interested in your story?

EC: As a startup we have had some very interesting hurdles and an unconventional path to growth. I attribute that to our company culture but also because we have done some wild things like move from Silicon Valley to New York and reached some hard to get advisors and investors.

What do you see for the coming year of 2012? Anything specific to New York?

EC: We have product launches and onboarding of clients that get me really excited about the way consumers will be able to engage with companies during recalls or potential recalls. NYC is definitely the right city for us to be in and I think months of establishing ourselves here is finally coming to fruition. The access to resources important to what we do, near Park Ave alone, is incredible.

Any advice for upcoming female entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in general?

EC: At the end of the day its important to love what you do. The hours are long, nothing is ever as easy as planned and you will be tested in ways never imaginable. If you love what you are doing it will make all the hurdles seem like speedbumps.
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