“When ideas are blocked, information deleted, conversations stifled and people constrained in their choices, the Internet is diminished for all of us.. There isn’t an economic Internet and a social Internet and a political Internet. There’s just the Internet.” – Hilary Clinton on SOPA

Your safety is the most important thing to us at ConsumerBell.

Supporting SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, has the potential to undermine that safety.

ConsumerBell does not support piracy or infringement. We have journalists, artists, photographers, designers, and engineers on our staff. We understand the importance of creative freedom and the recognition and rights that go along with creating a piece of work, be it a photograph, a piece of software, or a painting.

If passed, SOPA would allow companies to cripple our ability to provide you with the necessary and deserved information about your safety.

ConsumerBell owns many, many domains in the recall space – many of which point right here. Spreading news about safety is what we do best and owning multiple domains helps us do that.

We’ve already seen first-hand what companies will do to protect against potential copyright infringement with a domain take-down notice in the past few months – a notice that we successfully fought and won.

We understand the need to protect copyright. But we see a potential massive misuse of power with the passage of this act – whether intentional or not.

At ConsumerBell, we don’t take sides; we analyze information, verify facts, and reach out to those involved to present to you the best and honest information about product safety and product recalls.

So this is something we’re going to present to you.


Read the full text of the bill.  All 78 pages of it.

Join us in saying NO to SOPA. Use what is trying to be stifled – the internet – and reach out and spread the word. Don’t give up your right to read our site, keep in touch with family on Facebook, track news as it happens on Twitter, or watch television on Hulu. Any of these sites are at risk of being shut down if this act passes.


Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google, formally issued a statement against the passage of SOPA, stating that while the end goal is reasonable, the process is “terrible.”

“They should not criminalize the intermediaries. They should go after the people that are violating the law,” Schmidt said.

Join the American Civil Rights Union in saying NO to SOPA.

“Congress should focus not just on the goal of protecting copyright owners, but also protecting the speech rights of consumers and providers who are reading and producing wholly non-infringing content,” the ACLU said in a statement.

“Congress must eliminate the collateral damage to protected non-infringing content. Only in that way will Congress truly achieve its goal of protecting authors while respecting the constitutional right to free speech.”

Join Consumers Union in saying NO to SOPA.

“We agree that consumers should not be harmed by substandard or counterfeit goods. However, we are worried the bill could close off online exchanges that provide lower prices for consumers…and allow for anti-consumer practices by online service providers,”the Consumers Union said in an article on their site.

SOPA would grant federal immunity to Internet service providers, search engines and payment networks for cutting off access to a specific site if they can “claim their actions were taken” in the reasonable belief that the site was suspected of encouraging infringement.

“This blanket immunity from all federal and state laws and regulations could allow the above actors to act in ways that would harm consumers. Internet service providers could block access to online services that compete with their own telephone or video offerings under a justification of curbing alleged infringement.”

SOPA is anti-consumer; SOPA is not the answer to the issue of piracy.


Reach out to your local representatives and speak your mind about the act. Use sites like PopVox to send your position directly to your representative. Use American Censorship to automatically connect you via telephone with your representative.

Say no. Do not give up your free speech rights. SOPA is oppression and blatant censorship in America as determined by the large conglomerates and government.

Make a call now.