Founder Friday is a Women 2.0 monthly networking event organized in partnership with like-minded organizations and individuals. Who should come? Aspiring founders, innovators, current founders, hackers, investors, anyone curious about or running a startup — both men and women. Held in various cities around the world, Founder Friday is a great way to pass along advice and wisdom and just meet new friends.

Meet new friends we did! My name tag that night said I was looking for friends and gave great hugs, which was a really great icebreaker! It’s amazing how easy it is to talk to someone once you’ve hugged. Try it next time! :)

Our CEO at ConsumerBell, Ellie Cachette, pictured below in blue, was co-host on Friday with the fabulous Margaret Wallace, CEO of Playmatics.

While I was there to mingle and chat with other co-founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, I did have the chance to snap a couple shots below on Friday night.

For more pictures, check out the images here.