It’s no secret that everyday life can get in the way of regularly exercising. We hurry through the day and our long to-do lists, hoping to cross at least half of it off by the time the evening rolls around. We cook, try to keep a clean house, raise happy kids, spend quality time with our spouses, and then deal with all the things we don’t want to do: pay the bills, go to the grocery store, and exercise. After all – running around all day doing errands and chasing after your kids should be exercise enough, right?

For someone who doesn’t like to exercise, willingly carving time out of my busy schedule is difficult – in fact, it’s almost impossible.

When it comes down to making a choice between relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine or trying to fit into a sports bra and going out and running – I’ll usually chose a glass of wine. We’re all about honesty here at ConsumerBell. :)

What stops you? How do you combat exhaustion and the guilt of not exercising?

For the ConsumerBell gals, that was finding a group activity that we could all enjoy. The ConsumerBell team was given a chance to take a Pure Barre class right here in Manhattan, at their newest location in Columbus Circle at 60th and Broadway.

A total body workout that “lifts your seat, tones your thighs and burns fat in record-breaking time,” Pure Barre is a no-impact workout that uses the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements that tone and focus on specific areas – your abs, hips and thighs. ConsumerBell’s own MaryAlexa has been going to Pure Barre for over a year in both Michigan and now Manhattan and is the one responsible for motivating Ellie and I to join her for a session.

“I prefer it to the gym because I work better in group activities. Growing up, I was always on some sort of team and working out with others, and for me, it makes all the difference,” MaryAlexa said. For MaryAlexa, running on the treadmill by herself requires a lot more motivation and ends up bored. Not the case with Pure Barre.”The pumped up music, the fun people, and obviously the incredible effects have gotten me hooked on Pure Barre.”

The hour class went by fast. With a total of 10 women, it’s small and intimate, but doesn’t feel like you’re on display. If you’ve never exercised in front of a large mirror, that takes some getting used to, but the class was everything MaryAlexa warned us about:
Fun. Fast. And you’ll HURT the next day.

MaryAlexa, Ellie and I all have different levels of fitness from regular exercise to relatively non-existent. Each of us experienced it in a different way.

Ellie is fairly active, a sailor and a yoga lover, but even she felt the burn. “Pure Barre was a unique blend of stretching and pilates and concentration,” she said. “I found myself mentally refreshed but also sore afterwards which is a great combo!”

For me, it was an amazing experience. It’s been probably 10 years since I exercised in a group setting, but I really enjoyed the class. Ten minutes in, I could already feel my muscles shaking and the sweat dripping down my face. Two days later, my thighs are now sore and it still hurts to laugh as my abs got a huge workout.

I love Pure Barre, Zumba, and even kickboxing in that they’re accessible and not intimidating for women who haven’t exercised in awhile (i.e. me.) While I was a bit self-conscious during the PB class, once I realized everyone else was feeling the burn too, it motivated me to go longer. I wasn’t alone in my literal struggle to keep my legs from collapsing.

What we love the most about PB, is that it really is for everyone – including new moms and even pregnant women. Since PB is no-impact, it’s easy to take classes through your entire pregnancy, as new mom Allison Weyand discovered. “I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to take classes but I was able to modify exercises as needed and I did PB up until the day I delivered,” she said in a PB testimonial.

“It kept me feeling strong, gave me energy and also helped with the aches and pains that pregnancy can sometimes bring on. It helped keep my core strong, kept me mentally strong, and helped me maintain my flexibility which my Dr. claims is what really helped me in labor as well.”

PureBarre classes can be found nationwide but there’s just one in NYC at the super conveniently-located Columbus Circle.

Since we’re such big fans of PB and love to support women-owned businesses, Kaitlin and Leslie of Pure Barre NYC have graciously extended an AMAZING 10% discount to ConsumerBell moms off everything! Single classes, unlimited month…such a great deal.

With classes offered daily from 6:30a to 7:45p at night, there’s a timeframe that works for everyone. Use promo code CBell for your discount when you reserve your first class or even month! The promo code is only valid for this week, so take advantage while you can and do something for yourself this holiday season.

If you see one of us there, say hi! We’ll sweat alongside you. :)