What are your family traditions?

Thanksgiving was always a pleasant surprise for me.Growing up, my Thanksgiving tradition was to alternate spending Turkey Day with my dad’s side of the family or with my mom’s side, and I could never remember whose turn it was during any given year.At ConsumerBell, we’re all a little quirky and we come from a lot of different backgrounds with a lot of traditions. And we want to share a few of those with you and your family this Thanksgiving.

Consumer Recall Safety - Turkey Thanksgiving

Yummmm! Turkey!

Chief Creative Officer Stephanie Haller celebrates Thanksgiving with the “Turkey Song” that everyone has to sing before eating.

“There’s a great big turkey down on Grandpa’s farm
and he thinks he’s very gay.
He spreads his feathers in a great big fan
as he struts around all day.

You can hear him gobble at the girls and boys
‘Cause he thinks he’s funny when he makes that noise.

He’ll sing his song another way,
Upon Thanksgiving Day



Get a rock ‘n’roll taste of the Turkey Song below.

Creative Coordinator MaryAlexa Divver and her family add Greek fixings to the traditional mix. She says foods like tiropita, a type of cheese pie, and pastichio, a Greek version of lasagna, are Divver-family staples.

Business Development Director Andrea Querijero has a tradition of spending Thanksgiving with family friends across the street. “One of my favorite things their mom always makes are Greek powdered sugar cookies, Kourabiethes,” she says.

And one of our favorite traditions is one from Creative Coordinator Ryan Mollenhauer’s family.
“At our family Thanksgiving dinner somebody always hides one of Grandma’s freshly baked pies. It’s usually done around dinner when everyone is hustling to get everything prepared and everyone has an alibi. It involves lots of planning, sneaking, scheming, double-crossing…it’s like “Oceans 11” but instead of Vegas casinos, it Grandma’s House. And instead of large quantities of cash, its Lemon Meringue. Bottom line: I’m like George Clooney.”

What traditions does your family have for Thanksgiving? Share them in the comments!