You might know Derek as ConsumerBell’s on-camera personality, whether he’s folding fitted sheets or baking cookies. He’s also the personality behind ConsumerBell’s blog, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Derek has a lot on his plate, but don’t worry – he has plenty of personality to spare.

We wanted to give Derek a little break and let everyone get to know him as part of our “Why I Work at ConsumerBell” series. Take a day off, Derek – this blog’s on us.

As Social Media Coordinator, Derek is responsible for using social media to promote ConsumerBell’s mission of making safety easier and keeping consumers informed about product recalls.

“I get to to hang out on Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and chat with awesome parents and experience improving safety with them,” says Derek.

From his home office in Seattle, Derek represents ConsumerBell from the West Coast where he grew up and went to school. Like Ellie, Stephanie and myself, Derek graduated from Humboldt State University where he studied Journalism and Spanish and competed in track and cross country.

While in college, Derek wrote for the Lumberjack newspaper under editor-in-chief Stephanie Haller. Stephanie went on to become ConsumerBell’s Chief Creative Officer and was the one to bring Derek aboard as our social media guru.

“I needed a strong writer and editor and someone with an affinity for social media and I knew he wanted to do something that mattered on a day-to-day basis,” says Stephanie. “I thought he would be a great cultural fit.”

It only takes one look at our blog of product safety alerts, parenting tips and recall news

to see Derek’s background in journalism. While major news outlets will simply summarize a press release, Derek is out getting exclusive interviews with company spokespeople or government agencies.

Consumer Recall Safety - Lactaoen Graduation HSU

Derek and friend Tess Dahlgren smile at the HSU graduation.

Derek is a true master at utilizing the Internet and social media to its full potential, but that doesn’t mean he’s afraid to have a little fun while he’s there. Nothing can lift the ConsumerBell office out of a mid-day lull like an email from Derek full of hashtag jokes (#seriously) and funny cat pictures.

Sure, he likes hanging out on the Internet, but Derek’s love for his job goes much deeper than that.

“ConsumerBell’s mission resonates with me. We’re trying to do something awesome that makes sense and can help a lot of people,” says Derek. “Every time I publish an article or send out a Tweet or talk to someone online about us, I feel like I could be helping someone.”

When he’s not helping the world become a safer place one Tweet at a time, Derek is a compulsive runner who couldn’t live without his running shoes…or bacon. And when it’s finally time for him to relax a little bit, you can find him at his favorite tavern in Seattle with some friends.

We love Derek’s sense of humor, energy and passion that he puts into his work – and we know there are plenty of Derek fans out there with more great things to say about him. Don’t be shy, let it all out in the comments below!