IKEA is recalling the
Consumer Recall Safety - IKEA Pax Aurland

IKEA is recalling the "PAX AURLAND" wardrobe.

Falling mirrors prompted IKEA to announce the recall of its PAX AURLAND wardrobe.

The 1,700 wardrobes in the U.S. and 500 in Canada have mirrors attached to the front of the doors that can fall unexpectedly posing a “laceration hazard” to consumers, said the Consumer Product Safety Commission statement.

IKEA received reports of 14 incidents, including one minor injury in Europe, connected to this recall.

The wardrobes were sold from October, 2010, through last September nationwide from about $60.

If you own the PAX AURLAND wardrobe, visit our marketplace for information including model numbers, wardrobe sizes and instructions for returning it.