iPhone 4S

UPDATE: Bad news, Apple junkies: No iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S sounds pretty awesome, though. With an updated camera, better connectivity and more features, we’re all about it. Will you get one?

See our original blog on the iPhone mayhem below.


iPhone fever is in the house at ConsumerBell! Quite a few of our employees have iPhones – and some rock both an iPhone and a Blackberry. If you’re at all like us, you’ve been waiting for today’s announcement of the long-awaited iPhone 5.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the iPhone 4S is a world phone and will work on both GSM and CDMA networks. The new camera The new camera has an 8-megapixel sensor. That’s 3264 x 2448 for you pixel counters out there. That means you can print out an 8×10-inch photo. The new iPhone will record 1080p HD video, and includes image stabilization features.

While we’re not at the event, Mashable is! To watch the live blog, click through to Mashable’s live coverage: Apple iPhone Unveiling LIVE BLOG

Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple who took over following Steve Jobs’ departure last month, has been giving an address since 1:00p EST. Since then, Apple’s announced a few new products:

  • Brand new iPods with a clock! 16 clock faces so you can track walks and runs. It’s available today for as an 8GB iPod Nano for $129 or $149 for a 16 GB.
  • New white iPod Touch will be available on October 12. $199 for 8GB, $299 for 16GB, and $399 for 32GB.
  • New iPod Shuffles will just be $49!

Tim Cook at the Apple Presentation. Photo:Â Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

This was the first iPhone event since June 2010 and demand is even higher now with AT&T exclusivity at an end with Verizon and Sprint getting a piece of the pie. Analysts are expecting record sales on the release date due to the long gap between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S

Social media integration is now seamless, with easier access to Twitter within Apple applications like the camera. Tweet that cute picture of your daughter directly from the camera? Yeah, we can get down with that.

The iPhone is no longer a toy for Apple fanboys. Even the non-tech savvy rock an iPhone. Parents stay connected with family and friends worldwide with FaceTime and keep track of everything they need to know about life, love, current events and social media.

Anything that can make life a little easier, Apple seems to have capitalized on it – for parents, this can range from grocery and Christmas lists to product recalls to celebrity gossip.

Here’s a few thoughts from some of our loyal Twitter followers on what app they can’t live without on their iPhone:

Do you plan on waiting in one of those monstrous lines for an iPhone 5? Let us know!