The listeria we told you about associated with Jensen Farms cantaloupes a couple weeks ago might not be over, say CDC and FDA officials.

Consumer Recall Safety - Jensen Farms Cantaloupe

Jensen Farms cantaloupe could be contaminated with listeria.

In a CBS news story, the CDC director and an FDA commissioner said that the country could see listeriosis cases for weeks to come because the incubation period is so long for the disease.

The story reports 72 illnesses and 16 deaths in 18 states with expectations that those numbers could climb through October.

Jensen Farms originally recalled their cantaloupe on Sept. 14, but those who ate contaminated fruit could be “healthy” for over a month before they start showing symptoms.

The CDC says that if the cantaloupe is not from Jensen Farms, it’s OK to eat. But, if you can’t tell where it’s from, they recommend throwing it out.

See the original Jensen Farms recall here and the subsequent fruit salad recall by Carol’s Cuts.