Jeff Frumin poses at the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore.

You might know Code Blue as your post-party cure. You wake up in the morning, squint angrily at the light seeping through the blinds and stumble around the fridge looking for the hangover fix-all.

But Code Blue is expanding their audience by taking its hangover superpowers and applying them to everyday life to help you feel energized during the day, recovered after a workout and ready to do it all again in the morning.

We caught up with Jeff Frumin, co-founder of Code Blue, on his way to the Natural Product Expo  in Baltimore and talked with him about the drink revamp and the reasoning behind it.

Consumer Recall Safety - Code Blue Jeff Frumin

Jeff Frumin represents Code Blue at the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore.

Before the redesign which looks something like this, Code Blue looked similar to Redbull can does- short, slim, aluminum. People confused it with an energy drink, said Frumin.

To match the added Ginkgo Biloba, sea salt and Stevia sweetener, Frumin and his team updated the look of the bottle, a decision he said was key in the update process.

Research on the product showed that people drank Code Blue for reasons beyond getting rid of that nagging headache.

“We really felt people were drinking it for various things like sports or with lunch,” said Frumin. “A woman would say, ‘Oh I drink this after spinning or I drink this because its loaded with vitamins in minerals. We kind of have a lifestyle-like presence, and this is an opportunity for us to expand.”

Consumer Recall Safety - Code Blue Bottle

The updated Code Blue bottle departs from the energy-drink look and fits with a natural, healthy mission.

Joevanny Tovar saw Code Blue at his gym while training for a Mixed Martial Arts fight. He said he likes the drink because it works to help during him workout and also rehydrate.

“My days are go! Go! Go! So it’s easy for me to forget to drink water like I should,” said Tovar.

He works at training facility for fighting sports where he said clients come in and often leave with Code Blue because of how it helps them post-workout.

For the updated ingredients, Frumin said the Ginkgo Biloba helps the brain focus, the sea salt provides electrolytes and the stevia provides a natural sweetness while avoiding sugar. In the past, Code Blue used pure cane sugar and agave as sweeteners.  Frumin said Code Blue reviewed third-party studies and research before making the decision to switch to stevia.

“There’s research done on every ingredient we use; we put in an optimal amount instead of just sprinkling it in.”

He added that the drink has health and functional benefits based on the ingredients, but Code Blue doesn’t make any specific claims.  Looking forward, Frumin plans to leverage social media to market Code Blue and distribute it.

“It’s a good way for spreading the word.” He said Code Blue will have individuals and groups try the product and if they like it, they’ll spread the word. “Online is an easy way to do that.”

Code Blue already saw active feedback through social network channels. On Twitter, Tovar showed his love for the product and talked about using it for his workouts.

“Seriously I swear by this product. my name is Jeo and I’m a addict. Get with it @drinkcodeblue before during or after!”

Another user, John Jiloty, also had good things to say, “Not stumping, I seriously could drink @drinkcodeblue all day, every day.”

Code Blue will look to bump up their social media presence in marketing in about a year when Frumin says they will try to become a national drink and not just particular to certain cities. Currently the drink is in some California cities, Las Vegas and in all Whole Foods stores in New York.

In three to five years, Frumin hopes to be in all major grocery stores and once that is “under our belt,” he thinks there’s opportunity to look into other products.

What do you think? Have you ever tried Code Blue?