Wing Lian is ConsumerBell's Chief Technical Officer

Wing Lian

Consumer Recall Safety - CTO Wing Lian

Wing Lian is ConsumerBell's Chief Technical Officer

Wing Lian knows what’s up.

As he juggles being our Chief Technical Officer, sailing, social gaming and the new responsibilities of a one-year-old daughter (figuratively, of course), he finds time to play soccer games three or four times a week.


For all of his duties and interests, Wing does a tremendous job of making sure “the software and technology aligns with the goals and vision of the company and that we can build the product that most efficiently accomplishes that.”

Wing graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi and studied mathematics and polymer chemistry. Woah again.

“Mathematics has always been second nature to me and polymer chemistry served as the flip side being the most challenging degree available at the time,” Wing says.

Ironically, Wing uses neither of those things as our CTO, but we like to brag about him and his interests, which include the five things he couldn’t live without:

  1. His family
  2. His computer
  3. The Internet
  4. Good food
  5. His car

He is a self described tenacious, balanced, even-keeled, introverted and dynamic individual who cares about safety and the ConsumerBell mission, and we care about him for all of those reasons.

Wing knew CEO Ellie Cachette from the social gaming sphere. “She always kept me in the loop about this start-up,” says Wing.

When he started, ConsumerBell was “constantly going through prototypes and evolving to find our niche.”

Consumer Recall Safety - Charlotte

Wing's daughter, Charlotte, makes ConsumerBell's mission of safety resonate with him outside of work.

Now, Wing enjoys the challenges of the start-up world and the team he works with.

“I get to problem solve with cutting edge technology everyday,” he says about why he works at ConsumerBell. “I have a child who will soon be one year old and product safety is very important to me and at the top of my list.”

We love having Wing on board with us; he fills out our need for software development and technology know-how while bringing a father’s common sense and point of view to our company.

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