MaryAlexa and Andrea take a photo with Susie Kim Riley (center).

This past Wednesday, Andrea and I headed across town to celebrate women in tech. Hosted by GSMA, they work with mobile operators to connect countries and companies across the world.

Their mWomen Programme was launched in late 2010 with the help of U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to bridge the gender gap of ownership of mobile phones in low-to-middle income countries. Their ultimate goal is breaking the barriers of mobile ownership to empower women with the value of health and financial services, education, and entrepreneurship through mobile phone applications.

Consumer Recall Safety - NYC Skyline

ConsumerBell went to "Empowering Women Through Mobile Technology" in downtown New York City.

The event started with inspiring presentations from women within the telecommunications field, including Caroline Lewko, Jen Consalvo, Trina DasGupta and Jennifer Lum.  Their expertise range from entrepreneurship to technology to just being awesome.

A major point that hit home with me is that many of them emphasized you can do well while doing good as those do not have to be separate entities.  This ideal resonates with the passion that we have here at ConsumerBell.  And that’s what these women were trying to say – find your passion and run with it.

After the speakers, the networking end of the event included cocktails with the cutest hors d’oeuvres I’ve ever seen.  Being a London-based company, the British fare included mini shepards pie and fish and chips that everyone loved.

Consumer Recall Safety - Women in Mobile

MaryAlexa and Andrea take a photo with Susie Kim Riley (center).

Andrea and I got a chance to chat with one of those inspiring women I was referring to, Susie Kim Riley.  We were fascinated by her zest for life and inspired by her serial entrepreneurship.

GSMA mWomen did a wonderful job hosting this event and we look forward to them returning to New York City so we can get to know more of these powerful women in mobile.