MaryAlexa Divver

When it comes to determined young women, ConsumerBell is the place to look – and look no further than MaryAlexa Divver.

MaryAlexa is the newest addition to the ConsumerBell team as our creative coordinator. And there’s no better way to welcome her into the family than to ask her Why She Works at ConsumerBell.

Consumer Recall Safety - MaryAlexa Prague

MaryAlexa smiles in Prague during a semester abroad.

The 2011 University of Michigan grad (that’s right, watch out Andrea) studied psychology and economics and holds true to her college roots. Outside of the office, MaryAlexa goes Blue for Wolverine Football. Is it a problem for office dynamics for a Wolverine to have a Buckeye as a coworker? Not really, says MaryAlexa.

“Andrea doesn’t know much about football anyway so we put our rivalries aside to make safety easier,” she says.

When MaryAlexa started, she worked on social media and dabbled on the business side. “We were trying to be creative with the blogs to acquire and retain followers to create our amazing network,” she says.

Now, MaryAlexa does sales research for ConsumerBell and also works in design. She does a little bit of everything for us, just as she does outside of work. She loves football, traveling, taking pictures, her iPod and of course, Consumerbell.

Consumer Recall Safety - MaryAlexa Baby

MaryAlexa holds her baby cousin.

She was born in New York City and grew up in New Jersey.

And we admire her commitment to our mission.

“I never knew how these recalls could affect people but now every time I pass a stroller that’s been recalled, I just want to hand them a business card,” she says. “People don’t realize that their every day items have potential risk but we’re here to change that.”

She latched onto our mission just as much as we’ve latched onto her.

“Expediting this process is necessary for consumers and corporations alike,” says MaryAlexa about recalls.  “The possibilities for ConsumerBell are endless.”

That’s the self-described spunk we like to see! Catch MaryAlexa at Professor Thom’s on the weekends watching the game with her fellow Wolverines. Be sure to show your love for our creative coordinator in the comments and share this on Facebook!