When in Rome, #win as the Romans did.

Andrea Querijero

Consumer Recall Safety - Andrea Corporate
Here’s what you do know about her: She’s ConsumerBell’s business development director. She’s the only full-time ConsumerBell’er originally from the East Coast. And she’s a die-hard Buckeye.What you might not know: Andrea is a first generation Filipino-American, a dedicated Latin ballroom dancer, a talented pianist and an avid traveler.

As part of our “Why I Work at ConsumerBell” series, we talked to Andrea about herself, ConsumerBell and why she loves working with us.“I admire [CEO Ellie Cachette’s] drive and passion in building a company that could really make a difference, and I knew she would be a boss that I would love to work with,” says Andrea. “I knew working with a start-up company would have it’s challenges, however I looked forward to facing the adversities and working through them with the team.”

Outside of client interaction,  Andrea buries herself in the tech side of the company, working as project manager

Consumer Recall Safety - Andrea Rome

When in Rome, #win as the Romans did.

for development and engineering tasks. As a digital native, Andrea grew up with the Internet and social media. Throughout the company, her Twitter hash tags win the award for most creative and fun. “#partyhands” “#dancingfeet” and “#dowork” remind us all that while we take our mission and goals very seriously, there’s another side to every pancake (#badjokesarefun?) and that side of our company is fun, social and current.

Andrea graduated from The Ohio State University and studied (take a deep breath) communication, analysis and practices with a minor in modern Greek with a working focus in sales and marketing (phew). Andrea says that she likes being able to meet and interact with new people.

“Everyone is different, everyone has their own story they want to share, and I want to hear it,” she says.

We love Andrea because she has taken ConsumerBell beyond something that she does as a job and integrated into her life.

“Now that I am aware of all the recalls that happen, I am very aware of the products I buy, but more importantly what the people in my life own and make sure they are safe,” she says.

The five things she can’t live without?

  1. Ice cream
  2. Traveling
  3. Her camera
  4. Her running shoes
  5. Her piano
We love Andrea and we hope you do, too. Leave us a comment if this resonates with you.

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