Now that we’ve busted through the 10,000 follower barrier on Twitter, it’s time to announce the winner of our 10K contest.

Many congratulations go to Lindsey Lee!

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Over the last couple weeks, we asked you to tweet us to enter the contest in celebration of reaching the magical 10K number. Lindsey responded and was chosen to win a $40 gift card to Ecomom. Thanks to Ecomom for the support and thanks to Lindsey for participating. Lindsey is a new mother who blogs about her experiences on Turtle Teeth Designs.

“I’m still learning as I go, but I think every mom goes through that,”  says Lindsey. “I sacrifice some free time I once had, but it’s worth it when I see her smile, even if the smile is just gas.”
Consumer Recall Safety- Note: This is not actually Lindsey's baby.
Lindsey says that keeping a digital journal helps her share her life and motherhood updates with family and friends while establishing a place for her to look back at in the future. She added that blogging, twitter and other social media have been helpful in connecting with other moms.

“With relaying the concerns I have, I received advice from mothers who have been there.  It’s also comforting to read what other moms go through and know I’m not alone,” says Lindsey. While this new mom takes a semester off of art school to be a new mom, she can enjoy a shopping spree at Ecomom for winning our contest.“I love the amount of green and organic items on [Ecomom],” says Lindsey. “I only want the best for my daughter.”

Thanks to Ecomom for supporting our contest and thanks to everyone who participated. Come back to our blog for recall, safety and family news and more contests in the future.

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