It’s that time of the year again. Thank the football gods (probably Seahawks fans), the NFL season is back!

Consumer Recall Safety - NFL Football PartyFootball season couldn’t come soon enough. Right when summer was shriveling any remaining threads of pigskin hope, the NCAA brought us the start of the college football season last week. We’ll be watching the Central Washington vs. Humboldt State game this Thursday evening. Go ‘Jacks.

But for those dads and moms who love the American sport in all of its professional glory, NFL action returns when the Saints and the Packers kickoff at Lambeau Field on Thursday.
Parents everywhere can use the excuse of the big game to put off things like doing the dishes, taking their kids to see their friends and other many other “chores.”
If the kids are back in school and they’re not into football, it’s probably a good idea that they have homework to do… or some studying to get ahead on… just so you can celebrate every touchdown and curse every bad call to its full potential. But if your kid has love for the sport, invite them to partake in the sports splendor! Just make sure that, “Golly jee! That darned ref had better call holding next time or I might lose my marbles!”  doesn’t turn into “f*#$&in ref better open his f@*#&$ eyes next time!”

Which team are you rooting for this season? Let us know in the comments.
DISCLAIMER: Any team besides the Seahawks is unacceptable.