If you ever received a refurbished Blackberry from Asurion as part of their handset protection claim program, you probably received a counterfeit battery.

Cell-phone insurance company Asurion is recalling about 470,000 counterfeit Blackberry-branded cell phone batteries that were provided in virtually all of the refurbished Blackberry devices through their handset protection program in the past six years. The counterfeit batteries can overheat, posing burn and fire hazards.

Asurion has received two reports of counterfeit BlackBerry®-branded batteries overheating, causing minor burns to a consumer’s finger and minor property damage to a sofa and car seat.

Genuine Blackberry-branded batteries are not included in this recall. No other Asurion or BlackBerry products are involved in this recall.

Consumers who received refurbished BlackBerry devices through Asurion prior to November 1, 2009 should immediately stop using the product and contact Asurion for a replacement product. Asurion is directly contacting known consumers with the affected batteries to notify them of this recall.