When I started ConsumerBell, I had intended to find those in need of support to find answers or people like them.  My passion has always been consumer health and as we get closer to a national healthcare program, it’s even more important that we get the right medical help and services – not to be taken advantage of or be at the mercy of faulty treatments.

Even in the face of growing technology, simple issues like food poisoning still plague the United States.

Despite my personal motives, the general public is feeling most affected by telecommunications companies. If we can now make calls with Skype, watch cable via GoogleTV, tweet instead of text or instant message, if consumers are across the board distrusting of their telecommunications providers, what does this mean for the future of business for large companies?

The first step to remain relevant is to retain customers. The easiest way to do this is through excellent customer service, reliable service at market-competitive prices. The second is to adapt to changing market needs. Will you be adapting?