The internet is a playground of people searching for help. If someone needs advice or urgent assistance, their first and most favored response is to “google it.” While Facebook and other social networks have us believe that we make purchasing and cultural decisions based upon our ‘friends’ the reality is we make life decisions based upon what sites show up on the front page of Google.

Our world is the internet.  We live, work, breathe on the interwebs and that’s why we love what we do here at ConsumerBell. Unfortunately many people are still isolated from resources or wondering who else like them are having the same life-changing situation where serious expertise is needed.

Just take a look at this week’s Most Profitable Google AdSense keywords:

(1) Selling structured settlements
(2) Cash for structured settlements
(3) Auto insurance quotes
(5) Student Loan consolidation
(10) Divorce attorneys
(11) DUI attorneys
13) Personal injury attorney
(14) Mesothelioma

In fact of the top 35 most expensive phrases on the internet, over 20 mention attorney, lawyer or settlement.  Why is that?  Because people need help.

No matter the issue, or the timeframe, over and over again people in the face of corporate adversity are always disadvantaged.

Let’s be proactive. Let’s be collaborative. Eventually it won’t pay for companies to keep handing responsibility to consumers.